An Introduction

What qualities, what characteristics are you looking for in a Family Law Attorney? Do you even know what to look for when deciding on your Family Law Attorney. The practice of family law is unique, it is like no other area of law. Children's lives are at stake. Long term economic survival (my home) is at risk. Emotional sanity and sometimes even physical safety are at stake. What kind of a lawyer can handle all that? This lawyer can!

1. An effective and successful family law attorney must be ready, willing and capable of being a strong advocate in the Courtroom. Did you know that [only] approximately 5% of attorney's are real Trial Attorney's. The next time you meet a lawyer ask them how often they are actually in the Courtroom making an argument before the Court. Must don't, even more can't. I'm in the Courtroom approximately 100 times a year. It's where I live, it's where the tires hit the road. It's where your case is won or lost. Make sure your lawyer has the Courtroom experience and the courtroom confidence to carry your message to the Judge.

2. An effective and successful family law attorney must be (under construction)

what I am often asked if I win my cases. I measure my outcomes of success by whether I garner a thank you from my client at the conclusion of the case, for what other measurement is there? None, really. So with that explanation, I must humbly respond with a resounding 'Yes.'

Oftentimes, practicing law happens outside the court room much more than inside the court room. In either venue I am well prepared and most passionate about representing my client. Just ask!

I genuinely understand that these are probably the most difficult times in your life. Research shows that a divorce is the emotional equivalent of losing a parent. Being charged with a crime has placed your freedom at risk. These are stressful times and I understand that. Just ask!

I have been a member of the Florida Bar since 1988 and in the late 1990's I studied and practiced in the area of people's emotional and mental health. I have felt the depth of people's stress, pain, fear and sometimes even hopelessness. I can help. I would like to help. I have been down the path you are traveling with many other clients before you and I am confident I can help you get through this most difficult and anxious time. Just ask!

Call anytime to schedule a free consultation and ask me whatever you need to know. Our conversation will be confidential and my job will be to educate you so that you are fully informed and more empowered to manage your circumstances.

Again, the consultation is at no charge to you.

As you know, the hiring of a lawyer is an important decision which should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, read about our qualifications and experience above in the "About Us" section.

You can contact me by phone anytime and make an appointment for your consultation today. Our goal is to provide our clients with consultation, professional and competent legal advice and representation and compassionate support for start to finish.

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